Fizz Design System

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Our Design System is a common language across design, engineering and product that describes how we create digital products at Provi.

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Using Fizz

You should (ideally) be able to implement any design using only Fizz classes. If you need help, please reach out in the #design-system Slack channel. If you get stuck and feel like the only solution is to write inline CSS, please reach out for help.

See the CSS section for more info on the methodology and class names of the framework itself.


You can install Fizz as an npm package:

npm install @getprovi/fizz --save

In the Provi app:

Import it into the SCSS in your project:

@import 'node_modules/@getprovi/fizz/src/scss/fizz.scss'

Scoped vs. Unscoped

To prevent collisions with existing Provi styles when using fizz.scss or fizz.css, you need to enclose any Fizz classes in a container with the class fizz-styles, preferably on the body, but it can be on any parent of an element using Fizz classes.

You can use fizz-unscoped.scss or fizz-unscoped.css if you're starting a new project with no existing styles to use the framework without having to include the fizz-styles class.


You can create a new pen on CodePen that automatically pulls in the latest version of Fizz here:

Great for prototyping!